1888-N ("N" for "north") is an 18xx game set in China in the Beijing area. It features no special rules apart from the various private companies (which depict Chinese landmarks) and is a branch of the 1830-style games.


The maps are double-sided, one side with the classic 18xx layout and the other featuring a more fancy artwork.

Two to six players represent investors in railroad companies, spending their initial capital to buy wholly owned private companies and shares in public companies. The public companies are each controlled by the largest shareholder (its president). Public companies build track and run trains in order to earn revenues. These revenues can be paid out as dividends to shareholders or retained to fund further track and rolling stock.


1888-N is the first part in a Chinese trilogy (1888-E and 1888-S are the other two) can be combined with one or both other games for a larger map and more companies.


Download the rulebook and take a look!

1888-N English rules
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