The 18Mag Expansion Kit comes with four modules. You may use one or more or all of the new modules for a new game experience.


18Mag expansion rules
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Module 1: Supporter Cards
Six new cards which are drafted at the beginning of the game and which grant the owners special powers.

Module 2: New Minor Companies
Three new player companies which offer alternate starting points. These are drafted like the other companies. For a challenging and longer game, they can simply added to the existing set, allowing one more company for each player. The starting hexes for these three companies are F19, F23, and C8.

Module 3: New Major Company
The company „Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits“ (CIWL) is added to the game. It consists of a 40% director share and thee more 20% shares. It adds a Ft30/Ft50 bonus to a company that runs a train from one red off-board location to another.

Module 4: All or nothing
A rules variant where you can no longer select how much the major companies pay out. It's simply all or nothing, which makes the decisions on which shares to buy or sell more tricky.